Strategy Sessions
We will help you in creating an environment that encourages open communication, ensuring that your team moves in the same direction
by the educational bureau «Rozetka»
The purpose of a strategic session is to discuss and make long-term decisions in an organization or project.
The focus of intensive team work is to synchronize efforts in key areas including the company’s mission and priorities, goals, further actions, areas of responsibility, and evaluation of results
Strategy Sessions Features
  • Duration: 1−2 days online, offline or in a combined format

  • The strategy session can be attended by leaders and managers only, or can also include other team members. Experts in areas related to the project may be involved

  • The format implies complete immersion in the discussion of strategy without being distracted by operational work

  • After the discussion, the team assumes responsibility for implementing the strategy as it is their own ideas and decisions, not those that were handed down to them from above
During the session, it is important that people are not afraid to express their opinions and openly discuss difficult issues
A structure of a Strategy Session
Warm-up activities. We get ready for work and energize the team
Immersion in the program. We discuss the personal expectations of the participants, update the need for changes, and create a possible image of the outcome of the session
High-level synchronization. We have a discussion about the company’s mission and values
Analysis of the current situation. We take note of our current location and our desired destination
Strategy formation. We establish measurable goals and a set of actions that need to be done
Determining next steps. We agree on further joint efforts and summarize the results of the session
A Strategy Session Can be Used for
  • Often, managers mention that their team lacks a deep understanding of the essence of the project, and conversations and presentations do not help here. Although everyone seems to have listened, there is no change in terms of actions
  • Collaboration and deep elaboration of the mission, priorities, goals and objectives help the team to assign and share responsibility for the implementation of the overall strategy
How Rozetka Can Help
We will take on the organization of the event on a turnkey basis. The primary thing you receive is a well-constructed space for communication
  • We take the responsibility for all communications related to the strategic planning session

  • Prepare materials, including interviews with management and the team

  • Hold the event and moderate groups

  • Prepare an analytical report with recommendations for further work
We will organize the event and provide its content
Rozetka creates an intellectual environment for your team to come up with its own common vision of the future.

We won’t provide any guidance on growing your business. But we will ensure the organization of the event and its content

We will provide you with all the intermediate and final results of the project: scripts, presentations, templates, methodological documents, workshop recordings, and tools for measuring the effectiveness of the program. You will be able to recreate the event yourself, scale it, and develop this format within the company.
We provide you with all results of the project
Creating an atmosphere of equal discussion is a complex task that requires experience and good organization. This is something we will take care of, so you can focus on developing the strategy.
The Rozetka team’s main priority and strength lies in the development of a simple and understandable joint planning process
And which can only be accepted by all employees. This scenario will result in participants not being involved in the discussion process, not contributing to the session’s outcome, and not forming a common vision.
The main risk of a strategy session is that the team may perceive it as an opportunity for management to present decisions that have already been made
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To discuss your project and recharge your energy from the «Rozetka»,
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