AlmaU case.
Events designed to promote leadership communities in Kazakhstani universities for AlmaU
January 2023
Main Goal
Organize educative events for teachers and students at universities in Kazakhstan in order to establish a value system for the community, to facilitate the development of entrepreneurial thinking skills among participants, including idea generation and pedagogical design
Project Features
The program is driven by motivated university teachers
For 5 years AlmaU (Almaty Management University) has been running a program that aims to create and support an entrepreneurial community in regional universities in Kazakhstan
As the community of teachers and students had to be reassembled after the pandemic
who, in turn, collaborate with students.
AlmaU was creating a major event to host some educational events.
The Customer
Almaty Management University is a higher education institution that trains specialists in bachelor's, master's, doctoral, MBA (Master of Business Administration) and DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) programs. AlmaU was established as one of the first business universities in Kazakhstan.
AlmaU's School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI) is actively involved in forming entrepreneurial communities in the country.
Organized a brainstorming session for students to generate entrepreneurial ideas
Conducted a master class for teachers on community management
10 teachers
attended master class
50 students
participated in the brainstorm session
15 entrepreneurial ideas
were generated by students at the event
Stages of Our Work
We conducted an in-depth interview and presented the university with multiple options for events to address the issue
For different numbers of participants, different durations and formats (from master classes to bootcamp).
Prepared scripts, presentations and methodological descriptions
For the formats chosen by the customer.
Conducted a master class and a brainstorm session
Key employees of Rozetka were the presenters at the events, they were capable of energizing the audience and conveying to them the values of working with the community and entrepreneurial ideas.
Collected and analyzed feedback from participants and compiled a report
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Customer’s Feedback

Natalia Lee
The hackathon gives everyone: customers, judges, and participants the opportunity to look at successful educational solutions, formats and tools, meet and exchange experiences with different specialists from very diverse companies. Even the experience of organizing an event of this level is interesting. Hackathon customers receive almost ready-made turnkey solutions to their requests. I would like to implement these solutions even at another place of work. I still keep in touch with those I met at the hackathon. You have introduced and befriended so many people in Kazakhstan!
Forte Bank customer representative at Learning Hack 2022, member of the Learning Hack 2023 jury, HR, business coach, psychologist
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To discuss your project and recharge your energy from the «Rozetka»,
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«Rozetka Edu»
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Limited Liability Partnership
«Rozetka Edu»
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authorized body of a legal entity
Baraeva Valeriia (Sergeevna)
050060, Kazakhstan, Almaty city, Zharokov street, house 290, apt. 61
+7 778 634 59 03
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Bank: АО «Kaspi Bank»
Beneficiary code: 17
Account number : KZ16722S000024397188

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