inDrive case.
Leadership Model Course
August — October 2023
Online course on corporate leadership model for inDrive
Main Goal
To design an online course that introduces employees in management positions to a leadership model based on company values
Project Features
The main methodological task was to convey to participants the concept of leadership
The customer’s corporate culture emphasizes values
The course was not designed to be a simulator for practicing detailed instructions for managers in various situations.
Since the course was designed for inDrive employees worldwide
So that they have clear guidelines for their everyday decisions.
The materials were created directly in English. It was important that the course characters and assignments were understandable in Latin America, the CIS countries, and Southeast Asia.
The Customer
inDrive, is an international passenger transportation service, that operates on a distributed model. The cost of the trip is agreed upon by a driver and a client through the application. The service is available in more than 700 cities in 48 countries. The direct customer of the project was the internal employee training. department.
The course was designed around storytelling. The user was introduced to a leadership model through a character named David, who recently accepted a management position at inDrive. He encounters various situations and learns how to act like a leader
A 30−40 minutes long interactive mini-course was created in text format in English, with practical tasks and personalized design
The customer received all the intermediate stages of the course development (scenarios, source texts, and images) and the final result: a course in a SCORM package for deployment on a corporate platform
Stages of Our Work
The project was designed by Rozetka’s leading methodologists. The challenge of the task was to convey not just the desired behavior patterns, but also the values of the inDrive leadership model
Took company’s leadership model to a methodological level
We represented it in the course scenario through situations in which it was necessary to demonstrate certain leadership qualities.
Presented several options for the course’s structure
But settled on the idea of storytelling.
We conducted several interviews with T&D and customer employees to gain a deeper understanding of the leadership model
We started the project by creating a table describing three main values: people, performance, and purpose, and their implications on leadership qualities and behavioral patterns.
Communicated with the customer about the storyline
Including the situations the hero encounters, the cases he resolves, and the people he interacts with.
Worked out every scene in detail and created storyboards
Our designer drew all the characters according to the inDrive brand book and made illustrations
Considered tasks that would diversify the user experience
Including linking leadership qualities to the circumstances in which they can be demonstrated.
Our methodologist wrote all the necessary texts
The accuracy of translations into English was verified by a professional editor.
Created the course using Articulate 360 and delivered the SCORM package to the customer
Customer’s Feedback
Bogdan Korol
Valentina and Zhenya, thank you very much for your involvement in the project, for your clear approach in organization, and for all the creativity and discussions!
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