JetBrains case.
Team development session
July 2023
Main Goal
  1. To produce a detailed script for an offline session with 40 participants
  2. To brief a team for the event
Project Features
It was necessary to create a safe space for communication
The team participating in the session works in a distributed mode
This session was the initial face-to-face meeting, and it was essential that it was both comfortable and inspiring for members of the team. Therefore, when designing the program, it was crucial to maintain a balance between work and entertainment
The session was conducted by the company team
Since the participants had different backgrounds and expertise
So it was necessary to brief the presenters and provide clear accompanying materials for them
The Customer
International developer of tools for teams and software developers
Created a presentation and frameworks to support group work
Compiled a detailed script that describes the mechanics, stages, and actions for the presenters during the 2-day session
Stages of Our Work
We clarified the team context and the results of past brainstorm sessions
We clarified the business' request: which elements to focus on and which areas to emphasize.
Created a general plan on Miro board that explained the stages and tasks
To verify it with the team and obtain approximate timing.
Created a detailed script
Created a detailed script that included instructions and recommendations for presenters, allowing them to conduct the session without our assistance.
Created a presentation for presenters
That provided clear instructions for participants. Designed frameworks for group work, which were incorporated into the presentation and printed out for the teams
Conducted a briefing for the presenters
To clarify the logic of the session, discuss the scenario, and share some life hacks
Since the customer conducted the session without our participation, it was necessary to describe the mechanics and timing in detail
Customer’s Feedback
Evgeniya Igolnikova
I know that when I need customed educational program, I can rely on specialists from Rozetka. I worked with them for several projects and always amazed how they take the brief, convert it to the program, also they carefully listen to feedback, understand it and make flexible corrections to make the solution that suits your needs the best. Last time we did the scenario of team gathering, and had tough deadlines and complex goals, but managed to develop it in time, and all participants were satisfied with the results of the session.
JetBrains, Education project coordinator
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