Work on practical cases for team development. We know how to organize a hackathon that will solve your business problems
by the educational bureau «Rozetka»
Hackathon — is an intense competitive format that involves participants working together as teams to solve a case within a limited period of time.
The main thing is that the team can solve real practical tasks in a relatively short period of time.
The origin of it is in IT sphere, but it has now become popular in all business areas.
Hackathon Features
  • 12−48 hours of intensive work

  • Real business tasks are often the subject of cases. They can be given either by the hackathon organizers or by the partners

  • Case work is done in groups

  • The competitive format unites teams and ensures the involvement of all participants
Among the solutions, there may be a good idea for a real company case
How a Hackathon Works
Registeration of participants and dividing them into teams
Warm-up activities to get participants ready
Thematic workshops and trainings
Team presentations and distribution of cases
Work on a case on your own with the help of a mentor
Presentation of results and feedback
In 2022 and 2023, we held a Learning Hack hackathon in Almaty to develop educational solutions.

Customer companies provided the tasks, which were judged by a jury consisting of skilled experts and training professionals.
Which Tasks Can Be Solved at Hackathon
  • Using a real case can uncover the potential of participants, in view of the company’s key values, goals, and#nbspobjectives
  • A hackathon can be held in multiple stages, as a tool to select candidates for open positions. Based on the outcome, you can gather information on the winners and authors of innovative solutions
  • A safe educational environment makes onboarding new employees to an existing team faster and#nbspmore#nbspefficient
How Rozetka Can Help
You can devote your full attention to selecting an employee or conducting team building without being distracted by anything.
We take care of the entire process, so you don’t have to worry about the organization and methodological component of the hackathon. In our team we have methodologists, project managers, designers, copywriters, moderators, and presenter.
  • We explore the context of your company to set the objectives of the hackathon

  • Handle all communication tasks, from premises and catering to clarifying case content with your employees and partners

  • Gather and organize cases to ensure that the tasks are straightforward for the participants and contain all necessary information. We also create all related materials and handouts

  • Organize the selection of applications from participants and ensure effective and transparent communication with them
Preparatory work
  • Our team provides the hackathon with presenters and volunteers, clear logistics and navigation, and manages all the technical aspects

  • Rozetka moderators help you organize group communication effectively and reveal the potential of each team member
Hosting an event
  • We prepare materials on team’s work

  • Collect feedback

  • Produce an analytical report on the event that includes recommendations for further work
We will provide you with all the intermediate and final results of the project: scripts, presentations, templates, methodological documents, workshop recordings, and tools for measuring the effectiveness of the program. You will be able to recreate the event yourself, scale it, and develop this format within the company.
We provide you with all results of the project
  • Select external experts for the jury, who will provide feedback on the team’s decisions

  • Make sure your speakers are prepared to speak at the opening of the event

  • Arrange for a program of entertainment at the end of the hackathon, which may consist of a concert, theatrical performance, expert or visionary lecture
Upon your request, we can additionally:
Feedback on Our Hackathons
Natalia Lee
The hackathon gives everyone: customers, judges, and participants the opportunity to look at successful educational solutions, formats and tools, meet and exchange experiences with different specialists from very diverse companies. Even the experience of organizing an event of this level is interesting. Hackathon customers receive almost ready-made turnkey solutions to their requests. I would like to implement these solutions even at another place of work. I still keep in touch with those I met at the hackathon. You have introduced and befriended so many people in Kazakhstan!
Forte Bank customer representative at Learning Hack 2022, member of the Learning Hack 2023 jury, HR, business coach, psychologist
Evgeniy Ermakov
We used the 2022 hackathon winners' solution to design our employer brand ambassador training program. This allowed us to create a more balanced remote program. We are very pleased that everything worked out!

The hackathon also allows customers to evaluate what they can expect from their internal training and development services. After all, the teams offer new, interesting approaches, modern ideas that can be used in the work of internal teams.
Jusan Bank customer representative at Learning Hack 2022, member of the of Learning Hack 2023 jury, HR, business coach
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To discuss your project and recharge your energy from the «Rozetka»,
write to us or leave your contact - we will contact you
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