Trainings for a Large International Company
Materials for soft skills and sales trainings
March — August 2023
Main Goal
To collaborate with the trainer to create materials like presentations and scripts for soft skills and sales training in English
Project Features
Since the training was conducted in English, the materials were initially created in English
Preparation of two educational programs:
Request for analysis and implementation of best practices
  1. One on soft skills for managers
  2. The second on sales for supervisors, who then train agents to attract new partners (that is, “sell” them the company’s brand, values ​​and products)
Constant team work with the customer
The Customer
An international passenger transportation service. The service is available in more than 48 countries. For this project, we worked together with the company’s internal trainer as qualified methodological assistants
Thought through instructions for conducting trainings, including interlinear texts for presentations and exercises comments
Prepared presentations for two training programs in English, one on soft skills and the other on sales.

For soft skills training, we thought through dynamics and timing of it, as well as interactives and feedback
Stages of Our Work
We analyzed materials given by the customer
Presentations, and programs of training centers in international companies related to similar topics. Discussed the common requests and issues that need to be taken into account.
Involved ChatGPT
To generate the training structure and to combat the 'blank slate' problem — then completely reworked the program it proposed.
Analyzed scenarios and presentations for trainings
Keeping in mind their formats: online for the sales course and offline for the soft skills program.
Contributed to the balance of programs
Contributed to the balance of programs by considering the pace, timing, emotional state of participants during the day, and group dynamics.
Adapted assignments and exercises for online and group work formats
Presented the trainings as 'alienable products'
Described the method of carrying them out. We also provided comments on the exercises, lists of necessary materials, organizational and methodological instructions.
Created presentations in English
And designed them in accordance with the customer’s brand book.
Customer’s Feedback
The main advantage of working with Rozetka was that you could easily delegate some of the work and focus on other processes. Moreover, they were not only performers; we could also request their methodological help and consultations. Katya helped us to comprehend the materials, we could consult with her as a colleague, hear a second opinion and learn something. The work process became more interesting because of this.
We conducted training using the materials we created. The participants' impressions were positive, with the topic being useful and the knowledge gained after the training being structured. Now we partially use these training materials for other programs.

Bogdan Korol
Business coach
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